RiverGrace International Hong Kong Evangelical Church

RiverGrace Newsletter - December 7, 2017

On November 26, all the memberships were officially accepted into RiverGrace. In the regular service Rev. Kato Chow officially accepted the transfer of memberships from our mother church, Yan Yue, and also those who wanted to be members in RiverGrace, but held memberships in churches outside of Hong Kong.

In the afternoon, HKEC had 15 churches join together for a United Baptism. RiverGrace was one of them and we had 4 ladies baptized, and 4 more who officially transferred in from other Hong Kong churches. I was the one to do the baptisms that day.There were 5 who were sprinkled because of old age or lack of mobility, and 27 who were baptized from the 15 HKEC churches. The group below was not ready to have the photo taken, but it's the only one I have at this time of those that were baptized and those whose memberships were transferred to an HKEC church.

November birthday celebration