RiverGrace International Hong Kong Evangelical Church

Above is the new RiverGrace logo, church name and banner. Below is our logo in which we tried to show the vision statement. Just from looking at the logo, what would you guess is our vision? You can read what it is on the home page.

Last Sunday. Pastora Irma lead a concerts of prayer. One of the sections was on praying for different countries. She asked someone from each country to represent the country from which they originated. In the service we had people from the Philippines, Venezuela, Nigeria, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, United Kingdom, Mongolia, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, and Madagascar. A brother from Sri Lanka arrived after the photo was taken.)

As a leadership team and staff we are paying about how we can minister to the surge of Spanish-speakers, many recent arrivals, who as of now have no churches that are ministering to them. This was our fellowship meeting, both Spanish speaking and internationals on Wednesday evening this week.