RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship

Dear friends,

We had a fun day today at our house. The weather cooperated, meaning that we could barbecue, some could go to the beach and some other took a walk. The food was delicious, the fellowship sweet! I'm so grateful for the RiverGrace family that God has given us.

Come Join us for our service on this coming Sunday. Tommy will be talking about "YWGW (I am the Lord your God.)"  Because we know that We should Love one another, including aliens and foreigners. we also need to know that the Lord is our God!

Bethel will be leading the worship team. We'll be having our normal fellowship lunch after the service.

Next Wednesday, the activities will be as normal. Wednesday morning fellowship at 11am, and the Life Group and English class at 7:00pm.

Lineup for this coming Sunday, June 12

- 10:00am - Worship Team practice - Bethel

- 11:00am - Pre-service prayer meeting

- 12:00pm - Service - Pastor Tommy

- 1:45 - Fellowship lunch

Activities this coming week...

- Wednesday June 15

  11:00am - Wednesday Morning Fellowship.

  7:00pm - Life Group / English class - Michael

- Next Sunday, June 12 - 12:00pm - Grant MacAllister

Upcoming future events...

- Harmony Day - June 26

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Love and blessings,

Pastor Dave

Dragon Boat Festival BBQ at our house in Sai Kung.