RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship

Dear friends,

Last evening at our Life Group and English class, we added another fellowship group.  They were a group of six Spanish-speakers, mostly coming from Venezuela. We had a nice time getting to know them, and learning about their situations and lives here in Hong Kong.

They've lived in Hong Kong varying lengths of time, and had different levels of language competency in Spanish, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. All but one of them are ethnic Chinese, but they had lived most of their lives speaking Spanish.

They will officially meet again on July 29, but, of course, we invited them to join the life group or English class even if the Spanish-speaking fellowship is not meeting.

In the book of Acts, we often read of ordinary believers being used by God to see amazing things happen. Jesus still does the same things today through ordinary followers like you and me, if we are willing to be used by him. I hope you can join us this coming Sunday at 12:00 noon for our worship service. Grant McAllister will share with us the sermon about "Ordinary People, Extraordinary God."  

Andrew Chan will lead the worship team and also be giving his short 3-minute testimony. The service will be followed by our fellowship lunch.

Next Wednesday, due to the deacon's meeting, there will be no life group. The English class will still meet, but it will be at 7:30, and there will be no dinner served that evening.  The Wednesday morning fellowship will meet as normal.

Lineup for this coming Sunday, June 19

- 10:00am - Worship Team practice - Andrew

- 11:00am - Pre-service prayer meeting

- 12:00pm - Worship Service - Grant McAllister

- 1:45 - Fellowship lunch

- 2:45 - Leadership Team Meeting

Activities this coming week...

- Wednesday June 22

  11:00am - Wednesday Morning Fellowship.

  7:30pm - English class - Michael

- Next Sunday, June 26 - 12:00pm - P. Tommy

Harmony Day

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Love and blessings,

Pastor Dave

The first Spaish fellowship group that met on Wednesday evening...