RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship

RiverGrace Weekly Newsletter

May 26, 2016

Dear friends,

Psalm 1:3 talks about a person being like a tree planted by a river. Who is that person?  Why are a river and tree mentioned in this Psalm, and what do they mean for us today. That will be part of Pastor Tommy's sermon this coming Sunday. The title of his sermon is, "In the Presence of God."  P. Irma will be leading the worship team.

The service will be followed by our fellowship lunch at around 1:45, at which time we'll also celebrate the May birthdays.

Following lunch at 3:00 we'll show a touching film called "Courageous." This will be somewhat of an experiment. We are considering using the the 5th Sunday of any month that has 5 Sundays, as a time to do outreach through showing of films. They will not necessarily all be strictly Chrisitan films, but at least they will be films with a positive message, and ones that may stimulate discussion afterwards.  Please invite your friends to come, as well, this Sunday. They are welcome to come to the film even if they cannot come for the service.

We'll hare our normal Wednesday schedule on May. Nathan and Kevin will teach the last of the "Great Truths" course at 11:00am and the Life Group and English class will meet at 7:00am, starting with dinner.

Lineup for this coming Sunday, June 1

- 10:00am - Worship Team practice - P. Irma

- 11:00am - Pre-service prayer meeting

- 12:00pm - Service - P. Tommy

- 1:45 - Fellowship lunch - birthday celebrations

- 3:00 - Film showing:  "Courageous"

Activities this coming week...

- Wednesday June 1

  11:00am, Final lesson of "Great Truths" in men's and ladies' fellowship

  7:00pm - Life Group / English class - Michael

- Next Sunday, June 5 - 12:00pm

Upcoming future events...

- Harmony Day - June 26

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Love and blessings,

Pastor Dave

Michael Krigline sang an offeratory song last Sunday. Andrew led the worship team, and Rita and Mercy were the backup singers in the photos below. We're blessed with these and other talented muiscians and worship leaders.