RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship

RiverGrace Weekly Newsletter

May 19, 2016

Dear friends,

When it comes to being in the presence of God, true worship moves us towards God. While I'm not sure I can give a complete description of what worship looks like practically speaking, we can see how the Israelites worshiped, say for example, in Psalm 150.

We can also see some miracles that God brought when people worshiped him. How do we worship? How did the Israelites worship? Is there only one right way to worship?

We'll talk about some of those issues on Sunday when I talk about "Worship and God's Presence." I hope you can join us at noon for our service. Andrew Chan will lead the worship team. Following the service we'll have lunch together.

We'll return to our normal weekly schedule on Wednesday.  The Men's and Ladies' fellowship will meet together at 11am, and in the evening at 7:00pm we'll have the Life Group meeting and the English class. All are welcome to any of these events.

If you have not yet seen them, and you are a Facebook user, I've posted just over 300 photos there at https://www.facebook.com/RiverGrace-International-Christian-Fellowship-227582273968659/photos  Thanks to Kash's dad, KF Ng, for being our photographer for the day. There are many nice shots there.

Lineup for this coming Sunday, May 22

- 10:00am - Worship Team practice - Andrew

- 11:00am - Pre-service prayer meeting

- 12:00pm - Service - P. Dave

Activities this coming week...

- Wednesday May 25

  11:00am, Wednesday - men's and ladies' fellowship

  7:00pm - Life Group / English class - Michael

- Next Sunday, May 29, 12:00pm - P. Irma

Upcoming future events...

- Harmony Day - June 26

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Love and blessings,

Pastor Dave

Some shots from our 5th anniversary service at Seun Douh camp.  If you've not seen the photos yet, you can see all of them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/RiverGrace-International-Christian-Fellowship-227582273968659/photos