RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship

RiverGrace Weekly Newsletter

May 12, 2016

Dear friends,

Our leadership team has been talking about and looking for new ways to reach out to new people. One think we have discussed is like a coffee bar, where people can come in and talk and have a cup of coffee and a pancake and ice cream.  

We are going to experiment with the treats on our own RiverGrace people first. If you want to hang around Sunday afternoon, maybe around 3:00, you can be our guinea pigs!

In the afternoon, the only other scheduled activity is the discipleship time.  

For our service on Sunday, Aime is scheduled to be the leader of the worship team. P. Tommy will be our speaker. We will have our regular fellowship lunch following the service.

Our Wednesday schedule will be the men's and ladies' fellowship at 11:00am, continuing the "Great Truth's" course, and in the evening, due to the deacons meeting, there will be no Life Group meeting.  However, the English class will still meet at 7:30, but there will be no dinner. the Chinese Alpha class will meet for the last time next Wednesday. Derek will take care of the details for that. It will still begin at 7:00pm.

In case you missed the download links to the RiverGrace Anniversary video, I will post them one more time...

1) You can download a small email version by clicking on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/taomqjjnmfv46a8/RG%205th%20anniversary%20-%202016%205%20-%20Small.mov?dl=0  It's 16 megabytes only.

2) For a better quality version you can click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgsbg2195mca3zi/RG%205th%20anniversary%20-%202016%205%20-%20231mb.mp4?dl=0.  It is 231 megabytes, so it will take a while to download!

3) If you have a computer and bring me a USB thumb drive, I'll be happy to copy the video for you.

Lineup for this coming Sunday, May 15

- 10:00am - Worship Team practice - Aime

- 11:00am - Pre-service prayer meeting

- 12:00pm - Service - P. Tommy

- 3:00 desert / coffee time.

- Discipleship... to be arranged

Activities this coming week...

- Wednesday May 18

  11:00am, Wednesday - men's and ladies' fellowship - "Great Truths"

  7:00pm - Chinese Alpha - P. Derek

  7:30pm - English class - Michael

- Next Sunday, May 22, 12:00pm - P. Dave

Upcoming future events...

- Harmony Day - June 26

Come join us for any and all of our activities that you are able.

Love and blessings,

Pastor Dave

In our weekly activities, Wednesday is our busiest day. We have a morning fellowship for men and women... sometimes separate, sometimes together. Curretnly we're doing a cousre with S.A.L.T. on the Great Truths of the Bible. Nathan Clifton and Kevin Crouse are teaching that course. They are on the right side of the righ photo. Wednesday evening we have another fellowship that meets called Life Group. Curretnly we are just ending the Alpha course for those that have a more limited understanding of English. We are also  running, for the first time, an English course taught by our friend and RiverGrace member Michael Krigline.